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How to delete every customer and every purchase from my WoowUp Account.

Delete every customer

This will also delete all the purchases since every purchase is linked to an existing customer.

If you intend to delete only purchases, please follow these instructions.

The endpoint to delete customers is /apiv3/multiusers/bulk. We need a segment_id and an email to notify after deletion is finished (your email for instance).

But what is the segment_id? It's a segment's identifier (genius!). A segment is basically a group of customers that match a specific set of rules (for example, customers that live in Buenos Aires and are younger than 45 years old).

We need a segment that includes every single customer in our account. By default your WoowUp Account includes a segment called 'All your clients' (or 'Todos los clientes', or 'Todos os clientes'). If you don't have it, create a segment with no filtering rules.

Now it's time to get the segment_id. Easy way, we select it in our Customers' page and checkout the URL

The URL in your browser will look like{{your_app_id}}/customers?id=XXXX

XXXX is the segment_id.

If you don't have access to WoowUp's panel but you have the account's API KEY, you can send a GET request to /apiv3/segments and you'll find it.

    "payload": [
            "id": XXXX,
            "slug": "01-todos-los-clientes",
            "title": "01. Todos los clientes",
            "type": "1",
            "definition": "{\"include\":{\"condition\":\"AND\",\"rules\":[]},\"exclude\":{}}",
            "advanced": 0
            "id": YYYY,
            "slug": "02-clientes-con-1-compra",

Now, let's delete those customers. We call the endpoint /apiv3/multiusers/bulk with a DELETE request, specifying in the body the segment_id and the notify_to email:

	"segment_id": XXXX,
	"notify_to": ""

The cURL code is the following:

curl -X DELETE \ \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic your_accounts_apikey' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
	"segment_id": XXXX,
	"notify_to": ""

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